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Have fun with the play alongs

Thank you for purchasing the Grooveline play alongs for drummers. If you have any queations please feel free to contact us.


What are the play alongs for?

The play along tracks are pre-recorded bass lines. If you are a drummer you can practice your drum grooves by playing along a real bass player. Some tracks include some form of click to make it easier to stay in time. But you can also chose to play to the bass line only.

I just started to play the drums. Will it be to hard for me to play to the bass lines?

You should be fine with most of the tracks, but not all of them are suitable for beginners. I’d recommend that you download the free files and try to play along.

Where the tracks recorded with a real bass player or is it a programmed bass line?

All tracks where recorded by a professional bass player. The notes have not been quantized or time edited after recording. What you get is a recorded bass line with a natural feel and groove. Some parts are intenionally played ahead or behind the beat. No midi files or synthetic sounds have been used for the bass parts.

Are all play alongs for free?

For every style there is at least one free bass play along for you. Most of them are only 3 minutes long and come with the the bass part and some kind of click. If you like them and want more tracks you are more than welcome to support me and download the high quality audio files at my grooveline bandcamp website.

What happens when I want to buy more tracks?

You can go to my grooveline bandcamp website and purchase more tracks and full albums. 

Can I use the songs for my recital or public performance?

Yes, you may use the free and the purchased tracks for live shows. But it would be nice if you mentioned my name and/or website.

Can I use the tracks for audio or video recordings?

Yes, you can use the tracks for your private recordings or YouTube videos of yourself playing to the bass lines. Please tag my name or mention the website and contact me if you would like to license the audio files for commercial recordings.

Can I make copies of the tracks?

You can make copies of the play alongs if you are using them on your different audio players, mobile phones or other devices. Please don’t make copies and give them away to your friends.

What does “bpm” mean?

“bpm” is an abbreviation for “beats per minute”. So when a file is marked “bpm = 100” that tells you that the tempo is 100 beats per minute.

What kind of files are the tracks?

The free audio tracks are high quality MP3 files. They can be imported into any mp3 player or audio software.

Do you offer a discount for teachers?

Yes, please contact me if you are a drum teacher.

Got more questions?

Feel free to contact me via eMail. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Keep grooving!